As this is a live filmed performance,

There will  be two a conventional stages that will be designed to allow greater access for the camera crews.

So people can SEE we are providing ample  Cabaret Style Seating.

A standing area behind the seating area will be provided for those who prefer to stand.

There will be a 2.4M x 2.4M (8ft x 8ft) Drum Riser.

The stage back ground is black so light colours clothes are recommended (No black)


Filming / Sound Track


The event will be filmed by  RWDFILMS

Photo  by  Rob Davies Photography

All sound tracks are recorded individually and exported as 'wav' then place into Pro-tools for remix.

All Equipment must be plugged into the Mixer as it’s the Mixer that records.

The recording is pre-effects, so any effects on the day are not recorded. Effects are added later in Pro Tools


Obtaining Video


How it works


After the event 'tvwales will send the act a rough mix of the sound track of their full set.

The artist will select 2 tracks or 10 minutes of their performance that they would like a video of.

Then tvwales will produce the videos.

These videos will be placed on tvwales 'YouTube site' and set to private.

After the artist has approved the videos tvwales will set the videos to public for the world to see.

Four weeks after this upload date, if requested by the artist, tvwales will send the artist a copy of their videos to do with what they like. (tvwales water mark must always be in view when posted on the web)




we need a audience


To make the film sound and look great we need an audience.

When the act has finished a track we need people shouting, screaming, whistling, and clapping.

As this event is in a prestigious venue which has hosted many world famous acts we have to pay big fees for its use.

To pay these fees we will have to sell tickets.

We will be asking the acts to purchase from ‘tvwales’ tickets to sell to their supporters.

These tickets will be £10 each.

We have a lot of additional cost that the minimum ticket sales will not cover, these cost will be cover by  event sponsors

Additional tickets will also be available at the Venue Cymru Box Office.