Dead Frequency 2.10pm

Dead Frequency

Over the last three years, Daventry glam punk rockers Dead Frequency have built a dedicated following by gigging and touring non-stop all across the UK. Since the formation of their current line up in May 2013, Dead Frequency (singer and guitarist Matti Fantasi, bassist James Bourne and drummer Sam Thorne) have shared stages with rock royalty such as Andrew WK, Stiff Little Fingers and some of the rising stars of the British scene such as Creeper.


'Christine Costello - Vultrehound Magazine'


"For pop-punk three seems to be the magic number, so with that in mind, let me introduce to you DEAD FREQUENCY. Based in Northamptonshire, the three-piece (consisting of singer/guitarist Matti Fantasi, bassist James Bourne and drummer Sam Thorne) are gearing up to release their brand new EP "Tough Tracks And Setbacks"...have they faced adversity and as a result dropped the EP of the year?"

'Gavin Griffiths -'


"The tracks are incredibly enjoyable with catchy melodies, great vocals and relatable lyrics. I can see Dead Frequency becoming more popular in the future and having music videos played on music channels. None of these tracks bored me or disinterested me in the slightest. They were all brilliant in their own way. "

'Emily Clark -'


"There is a distinctly upbeat brightness to Northamptonshire glam punk rockers Dead Frequency. Their EP, 'Tough Tracks and Setbacks’, features four tracks of straight ahead punchy tunes that rock along pleasantly enough. Although they stay deep in the comfort zone, they certainly know their way around a melody and tracks like 'The Devil’s Dream’ manage to work a little magic. I imagine they’d be foot tappingly fun to see live."

'Edward Layland -'


"Definitely a band to keep an eye out for in the future. 7/10"

'Joshua Palmer - Musicology'